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News - year 2005:

  • 23.12.2005 - we wish to all dog-pets and their lovers comfortable Christmas, New Year‘s Eve without flares and in the year 2006 lot of helth and succeed

  • 23.12.2005 – we have bad news for all, who was interested in welsh springer spaniel puppies from Cindy.
    After repeated USG screening our vet says, cite: „ early neonatal mortality“
    We are very sorry, but happy at the same time, that Cindy seems to be O.K.
  • 29.11.2005 – USG screening confirmed  Cindy‘s z Chotuckých alejí, pregnancy, if everything will be O.K., welsh springer spaniel puppies will be born before the end of the year. They would go to new owners at the end of February 2006.
  • 28.10.2005 - Crys z Chotuckých alejí passed with his leader LZ trial (Vp) in 2nd price today, with mark for loudness 3 and fulfilled last condition to obtain breeding licence.
  • 27.10.2005 - Cindy z Chotuckých alejí was mated by  Hatstone´s Single. We will know the result after USG screening and then let you know.
  • 18.10.2005 – I am sorry to everyone, who was interested in puppies at 2006 year – litter from Honey z Ohrádek and Finn Seyles. Today, I have asked by phone Mr. JUDr. Hotař – breeding advisor and owner of dog Finn Seyles – to expose „list of mating“ for this promised mating. He refuses to do it with reason, that he has better bitches for this dog. I have nothing to do with, only to try find another suitable dog for mating.
  • 9.10.2005 Yesterday – victory at dog show, today – victory at BZ trial (SchwhK)! Crys prove,  that he’s not only for beauty, but also for working. He won BZ trial – Josef Brzák’s memorial wit maximum points.
    Other dogs from our kennel attended this Memorial:
    Dar z Chotuckých alejí with his leader Mr. Sedmik passed trial at Ist. price  and
    Feli z Chotuckých alejí with her leader Mr. Dvořák at II nd price.
    Congratulations to all participants!

Mr.Sedmik and Dar,Mr.Procházka and Crys and Mr. Dvořák and Feli

  • 8.10.2005 – At international dog show České Budějovice was presented only one dog from our kennel - Crys z Chotuckých alejí. But it was worth much!
    He was showed in working class and obtained excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and BOB (sixth in the line this year!)


To jsou poháry za tento víkend, zelené za krásu a červený za práci


  • 18.9.2005 Our darlings with their master returned from Club spaniels and water dogs show at Brno – Žebetín, where was showed 28 welsh springer spaniels satisfied with results: 
    Crys z Chotuckých alejí obtained excellent 1, CAC and
    Cindy z Chotuckých alejí obtained excellent 2, res.CAC.

    Crys z Chotuckých alejí obtained excellent 1 and CAC Cindy z Chotuckých alejí obtained excellent 2 and res.CAC
  • 3.9.2005 -  at International dog show Mladá Boleslav competed Crys and Cindy z Chotuckých alejí for BOB title again.
    Crys z Chotuckých alejí won: excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB a III.rd BOG
    Cindy z Chotuckých alejí recieved excellent 1, CAC and CACIB

    Crys and Cindy with their leader and  judge Mrs Poláková

Crys with medal and bowls from show at Mladá BoleslavCindy with medal and bowl from show at Mladá Boleslav

  It's glee from third place in FCI group VIII           Best dogs FCI group VIII


Bowles of Crys

  • At the end of the day  Crys competited for title Best in Show and finnished third.


Third place is super!

  • Representatives from our kennel in young classes was succesfull too - Haidy z Chotuckých alejí obtained excellent 1 and CAJC,  Hela z Chotuckých alejí excellent 2 and Hans z Chotuckých alejí was very good - more here


  • 1.5.2005 – today went puppies from  litter Ch ke went to their new homes,
    everyone of them has his own page

  • 29.4.2005 – at Prague international dog show represented our kennel dachshund Felly and young welsh springer spaniels Hela and Hit, they was quite succesfull – more here

  • 23.4.2005 – Dachshund puppies from Alla was born tonight – two males and 4 females - litter I


  • 23.3.2005 - USG screening confirmed  Alla‘s z Chotuckých alejí pregnancy,
    sire Vigo z Chabovce, Člp/J/54757/00
    Puppies will be born in the middle of April 2005, at the end of June could go to new owners

  • 19.3.2005 – Our welsh springer spaniels started thein showing season at international dog show Katovice (Polland) beyond all our expectation:
    Crys z Chotuckých alejí carried titles  CWC, CACIB, BOB and Best dog,
    Cindy z Chotuckých alejí carried titles CWC, CACIB and Best Bitch
    more here

  • Thanks to Mrs. Dipl. Ing. D. Bouzková for help with showing our Cindy in BOB competition with Crys.

    Crys and Cindy - who wil be have mark BOB?  Crys have BOB!

  • 7.3.2005 – our pack became bigger – 8 spotted welsh springer spaniels was born from Honey,
    2 females and 6 males, these puppies from  litter Ch could came to new owners after 1st of May 2005


WSS left: Hit, Diana, Coney, Hank, Honey, Crys, Cindy, Hela - dachshunds left: Fred, Fredie, Feli, Bessie, Emi, Bára, Felly a Alla

  • Short statistic and few pictures from this creation:
  •  Dogs was photographed nearly two hours (included cutting of four spotted darlings), most used word was „stay!“,  396 snapshots was made – sometimes some dog tried to run away, sometimes another dog layed down for protest probably – for example Emi, who can‘t be put of countenance from this creation.

     Photo for the end