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About us...

   The kennel „From the Alleys of Chotuc“ was founded by my father, Václav Procházka, in the year of 1997. This foolish act was inspired by two beautiful dachshund girls – Ella and Emi of Podmaršovice, who soon won all our family over.

   They two were also the main reason why my father went back to hunting after 25 years. Later on, he accepted Mgr. Lazar‘s offer and extended the pack by a Welsh Springer Spaniel bitch called Urtu Jifex alias Sendy.

¨  Although our family kept saying „NO, two dogs are just enough“, my father brought her home claiming it was a birthday present for me. Sendy stayed with us, of course. Thanks to her having happy and willing temperament, typical for her breed, excellent hunting talent and great patience with children, Sendy won fans for herself and her folk among laymen as well as expert cynologists.

   Having only the best experience with this bitch, my father got two Welsh Springer Spaniels more – Sendy‘s descendants – her grand-son Hank of Ohrádky and grand-daughter Honey of Ohrádky. By now, Honey of Ohrádky is the Czech Champion, „All-Out-Dog“ and the most successful working WSS bitch in the years of 2001 and 2002. In the year of 2002, she – accompanied by her master, as the first representatives of the Nymburk region, succeeded in the top hunting trackers‘ competition „Milena Štěrbová‘s Memorial“. It is necessary to say at this point that Honey managed to succeed in this Memorial only 3 months after giving birth to her first puppies.

   Father kept two bitches from this litter – Cindy and Coney – and one dog, Crys. He shows these guys at all possible competitions – in various classes and contests, and very successfully so far. And because he‘s interested not only in beauty but also in work, he devotes lots of time to their hunting training. He is rewarded by their success in all contests that are at least a bit suitable for trackers. Luckily he doesn‘t make his spotty sweethearts burrow, following the example of the dachshund half of the pack!

   Our dachshund breed is nothing to be ashamed of, either. Its founder, Emi, is already a merited mother and grand-mother. We kept Alla, Bára, Bessie, Felly and Feli from her descendants. Each one of them is a specific example of the notorius dachshund temperament. Emi is an excited hunter, Alla a model not afraid of work, Bára and Bessie, who belong to me, are great at gauching and only Felly and Feli themselves know what will become of them one day.

   Father turned all our family crazy with his hobby. Mother became an experienced dog-midwife, we daughters dodge in the fields with a dead rabbit on the leash and sons-in-law are ready to help whenever his car gets stuck in mud of a field road. We wait anxiously what role his grand-children will be assigned!

Cynologist‘s daughter