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News - year 2006:

  • Kennel z Chotuckých alejí wish to all dogs and human's friends excellent health, good luck and show and hunting successes in 2007.

  • 26.12.2006 - PF 2007 - dachshunds


  • 24.12.2006 - PF 2007 - welsh spriner spaniels


  • 2.12.2006 - VII Barbórkowa Regional Dog Show, Nowa Ruda
    We have attended this show  with Crys and Cindy z Chotuckých alejí. Crys was presented in wotking class and obtained  NPwR (Best male, BOS), Cindy in champion class won CWC, NSwR (Best bitch). Brother-sister competition for title BOB won Cindy at this time.  


  • 18.11.2006 - welsh springer spaniel Monty z Chotuckých alejí obtained at International dog show in Prague marks Very promising 1

  • 14.10.2006 - welsh springer spaniel Charlie z Chotuckých alejí passed with his master PZ trial for flushing dogs (test of looking for and retrieving small game) in III.rd price with 229 points, scent "4" and loudness "3". Thanks for results and pictures. Congratulations!

  • 14.10.2006 - welsh springer spaniel Diana Eburg gave birth to 6 puppies (litter O) - 1 female and 5 males. Sire of puppies is Car Jifex.
    Puppies could go to new owners as 8 weeks old, it means 9th of December 2006.
    Orders can be only sent to Mr. Dvorak, tel.: 00420 / 737 030 444


  • 28.9.2006 - dachshund Ira z Chotuckých alejí passed succesfully fox den trial with 100 % points, it means 84. Congratulations!
  • 14.9.2006 - Chip z Chotuckých alejí obtained at Moravian national dog show  Brno titles Excellent 1, CAC and another title "National winner". Congratulations to Chip and hos owner. 


  • at the same dog show was presented also Chessie z Chotuckých alejí in intermediate class with result very good.
  • 14.9.2006 - USG screening showed pregnancy of welsh springer spaniel Diana Eburg, who was mated by Car Jifex. If everything will be all right, little welshies will be born at the beginning of October and could go to their new owners at the age of 8 weeks - it means at the end of November 2006.
    Orders for puppies accepts Mr. Dvořák , only at telephone number 00420/ 737 030 444
  • 10.9.2006 - after sleepless night with little dachshund girl Nessie, wich's new owner could come on monday our familly decided, that this small rusty dumpling will complete our pack of dogs. So Nessie is staying at home.
  • 9.9.2006 - small dachshund from litter N went today to their new homes. We belive, that they will enjoy to stay with their new masters and hope, that we will meet again at some dog show for example. 
    We prepared new website for every puppy, where we will put new pictures and informations, wich will send us new owners. We thanks to them in advance.

  • 22.7.2006 - National dog show Mladá Boleslav was very successful for welsh springer spaniels from last year's litter "Ch".
    Chip z Chotuckých alejí obtained Excellent 1, CAC in middle class and conquered title National winner.
    Chessie z Chotuckých alejí obtained Excellent 1 and CAJC title in young class.
    Congratulations to dog and their owners.

  Chip - National winner.


  • 13.7.2006 - last puppy from litter M - welsh springer spaniel Marlén went to her new owners.
  • 10.7.2006 - today left welsh springer girl from litter M and last dachshund boy from litter K
  • 1.7.2006 - 3 little welsh springer spaniels from litter M departed to their new homes, most far away of them went male dog to Bratislava - Slovakia. These puppies will also have their own page, where we will record thier succeses, etc. Thanks to their new owners for future informations, pictures and others.
  • 30.6.2006 - little dachshund Kiss travel today to his nes home, his brother Kim is stil waiting for his new master.
  • 27.6.2006 - as we are expecting Alla z Cthotuckých alejí, will give birth to her puppies about 10th of July.
    Sire: Wilko von der Weidewiese - Czech Champion, Slovak champion, Czech junior champion, BIS Junior - Brno 2005, Special dachshund show winner, BOG, multiple BOB, CACIB, CAC, CAJC...
    Trials: ZV (equal to Sp.), LZ (equal to Vp), BZ (equal to SchwHk), BH, HZ (equal to St), ZN, BL (equal to BhFK), fox den trialer,  Loudness on track (Spurlaut) always 100% points.
    If everything will be O.K., puppies could go to their new owners after holidays (in the beginning of September)

  • 24.6.2006 - today was gone welsh springer puppies from litter L and dachshund girls from litter K to their new owners. All puppies have their own pages, where we will put new pictures and informations about them. We thanks to their new owners for informing us.
  • 24.6.2006 - our welsh springer spaniel offsprings attended International dog show in Brno.
    Chrys z Chotuckých alejí
    obtained judgement "Excellent II" in young class, and Christ z Chotuckých alejí was "very good III." in middle class.

  • 22.6.2006 - Puppies from all three litters are vaccinated and tatooed - so we could chump them up together. So now we have one big liquidating bang!

  It taste fine!   Do you keep something for me?
Rest after meal.  

  • 4.6.2006 -  Crys z Chotuckých alejí with his master attend today XXXIX Sudecka dog show Walbrzych-Ksiaz in Poland, Crys carried of classification Excellent 1, and gold medal in working class.

  • 2.6.2006 -  one yoear old welsh springer spaniel Christ z Chotuckých alejí carried of his first show - at once foreign show (Slovakia) - obtained classification Excellent I., CAJC - super! 


  • 20.5.2006 -  last year's welsh springer puppy Chip z Chotuckých alejí passed his first trial - Talent working test in 1st price, 189 points.
    Also one year old dachshund Ira z Chotuckých alejí excellently passed Talent working test - 1st price, 181 points.
    We congratulations both and wish to them many successes on future trials!
    We also thank to their falmily members for great colaboration with informing about trials.
  • 16.5.2006 -  This is the way how we live now, Cindy with her welsh springer family and Honey, also with her spotted offsprings live in the kitchen. Felly with little dachshunds occupy with their bed our living room.
    I am very happy about all our dogs, males and females, that they are getting on well together.

  • 3.5.2006 -  Crys z Chotuckých alejí took part at international dog show (VDH Europasieger VDH Zuchtschau) at Dortmund, Germany - with excellent judgement again: he obtained titles Excellent 1, VDH CAC, res. CACIB.


  • 3.5.2006 -  Cindy z Chotuckých alejí give birth to five puppies (litter M), three males and two females.
    After 8 weeks they could go to their new homes. It means at the end of June 2006 - we still accept reservatiouns for puppies.
  • 29.4.2006 -  today Crys z Chotuckých alejí with his master attend International dog show in Prague and they has been doing well again. Crys obtained judgement Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB.


  • 28.4.2006 -  Honey z Ohrádek give bitrh to seven puppies today, all are males.
    After 8 weeks they could go to their new homes. It means at the end of June 2006 - we still accept reservatiouns for puppies.

  • 27.4.2006 - Felly z Chotuckých alejí give bitrh to her first puppies today, they are one bitch and two males. After 8 weeks they could go to their new homes. It means at the end of June 2006 - we still accept reservatiouns for puppies.

  • 23.4.2006 - this year's show-season has started excellently again -  from City Tata, Hungary, is  Crys z Chotuckých alejí with his master carrying back another valuable titles - CAC, CACIB and HFGY (BOB). Congratulations! We hope, Crys will be liked in other countries, including Czech republic!  

  Crys and his owner    Crys z Chotuckých alejí

  • 21.4.2006 - another last year's welsh springer spaniel puppy from our kennel Chessie z Chotuckých alejí passed HD examnation with fair result again - A/B
  • 7.4.2006 - USG screening showed pregnancy of welsh springer spaniel Honey z Ohrádek and dachshund Felly z Chotuckých alejí, if everything will go O.K., both litters will be born at the beginning of May 2006. As 8 weeks old, puppies could go to their new owners, it means about the end of June 2006.
    We have not passed USG screening of Cindy z Chotuckých alejí (maybe we're supersticious),
    we let us to be surprised.
    We still accept reservatiouns for all puppies.
  • 6.4.2006 - last year's welsh springer spaniel puppy Christ z Chotuckých alejí went to vet for HD screening - his result is AA - it could not be better!
  • 31.3.2006 - this week we were scared with increased water of river Mrlina. It was good luck, that everything came right, water stopped just near our house. Many thanks to all, who worried about us and offered help.
  • 5.3.2006 - Crys z Chotuckých alejí is at this time proud owner of hugest cup - following his show successes in 2005 becama Crys z Chotuckých alejí best show welsh springer spaniel in Czech republic 2005 (big cup).
    Czech flushing dog breeder's clup - Welsh springer spaniel breeders' section awarded itinerant trophy - František Liml's cup (the green one with painted head of WSS) to Crys z Chotuckých alejí for his dual show and working successes in 2005.
    Crys look sad at the picture, because his leader did not take him with to the prizegiving celebration. Cyran, if you will be successfull this year again, you will certainly go!


  • 28.2.2006 - That beats cockfighting! Today we mate welsh springer spaniel Honey z Ohrádek with Hatstone's Single and Cindy z Chotuckých alejí with Car Jifex (picture and other information will come as soon as possible). If everything will be O.K., we expect pretty pack of puppies, in fact two packs, at the biginning of May. At the end of June, puppies could go to new owners, just before holidays. We plan to do USG screening of all four bitches next month to inform you.
  • 27.2.2006 -  dachshund Felly z Chotuckých alejí was mated with Vigo z Chabovce, if everything will be O.K., little dachshunds will be born at April/May this year and after 8 weeks they could go to their new homes. It means at the end of June 2006. For now we also accept your orders.
  • 13.2.2006  today we have mated welsh springer spaniel Diana Eburg with Crys z Chotuckých alejí , if everything will be O.K., puppies will be born at the half of April 2006, and after 8 weeks they could go to their new owners, it means at the half  of June 2006. For now we accept your orders.
  • Last year's welsh springer spaniel puppy Jak z Chotuckých alejí and his owner together went to their first dogshow. Jak was presented in puppy class (age 4-6months), the judge Erling Kjaer Pedersen who came from Denmark gave him best puppy title. The judge  said it was a lovely dog with an exellent look and a lovely temper. We wish many other succeses!
  • 7.1.2006 - last year's show season was finished today by electing Champion of champions 2005 at Top Hotel Prague. 
    Our darling Crys z Chotuckých alejí got on at fourth place in FCI group VIII, and came to stay this place untill the end of competition.  

    We consider nomination for that event  seems to be great success for our kennel.
    It was amazing evening, unforgetable experience for us, wich we wish to all dog holders. Suppose, it is finest feeling for breeder - at the same time owner of dog, when, from  the selection of breeding pair, through raising puppies got on alongside with his four-footed friend  as far as this event. 

    And here are the results: Champion of champions for 2005 became rhodesian ridgeback.
    Succession in group VIII. held the same as at nominations: 1st place - portugese water dog
                                                                                          2nd place - clumber spaniel
                                                                                          3rd place - english springer spaniel
                                                                                          4th place - welsh springer spaniel
                                                                                          5th place - flat coated retriever

 Crys at reception of Top Hotel Praha 4th and 5th places FCI group VIII.         

Success - 4th place at FCI group VIII.    Crys with his bowl for 4th place at FCI group VIII

Heart-throbs from 2nd to 4th place in group VIII. Heart-throbs with their masters

                  Crys found new friend, they reallylook like each other.